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Mom Brain Organization: Whiteboards, Clipboards & Calendars

I am forgetful. I can get distracted pretty easily. I need a lot of reminders to keep me on track,  focused and on schedule with family, homeschool and life. I use my iphone calendar alerts to remind me of things that are a month or more away and always opt in for text and email reminders whenever possible. At home, I have come up with ways to make sure I stay in routine and forget way less.

Family Calendars

Monthly Calendar

This is the month at a glance calendar where I write down all appointments, events and whatever else is going on over the course of the month. It is sadly empty these days thanks to covid.

Weekly Family Calendar from

Our wonderful friend from got us this calendar. Our families along with one other family are all members of which focuses on bringing families back to God’s original design and does that through teaching families how to become family teams. I adjust it a bit to fit with how we run our family meetings but it’s a wonderful calendar and we love it! We use it to track weekly stuff- family team stuff- as well as prayers, sweets, sours, goals, and more. 


Block Schedule

This is a huge whiteboard that I keep in our homeschool area.. which is also our dining room. It is a block schedule where for a specific time block we will work on certain subjects and once that time is up we move on. For my older daughter there are homework blocks for her to finish whatever she couldn’t get done during the original block.

Weekly Work

This is for my oldest only. It is broken down by day- all the school work she is to get done for the week


This is a cork board where I keep all other random stuff- whatever stuff the boys are working on which right now is weather and chores- as well as monthly workout calendar, Henry’s PECS stuff, and whatever else. 


 These are kinda random areas.

 This is a cork board that is really my visual positivity and encouragement board. I also keep whatever scripture we are currently memorizing up on this board. 

This is the family chore clipboard. I used to do individual clipboards per kid but found it was just too much for me to remember to keep up with. Each family member has a zone or job that they are responsible for and they own it. 

Meal Plan

Um, self explanatory 🙂 Sticks to the fridge.

Family Mission and Goals

This is where I pulled out all my creative juices.. as you can see I do not have many.. and put together a visual of our family goals, mission, and rules.

This may seem like a lot. I am a visual person and having a lot of visual reminders works for me. I have a lot to keep in order 🙂 

What do you use to keep yourself and your family on track?

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