The Ever Winding Journey

Things have been a bit up and down for me these last months. Between miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy, vegan, not vegan- I have felt so inconsistent. I started to question if I should even continue my little blog. I was feeling like since I can’t even decide where I am at the moment- how can I bring people along with me? But then a friend reminded me that life is a series of ups and downs and if blogging brings me joy then I should keep doing it.  So what is in store for The Lee Life as we enter 2021?


As a family we are really striving for health. My husband and I  hike a couple times a week and have really been craving a simpler life. I am thinking less time on social media and electronics and more time learning and growing into a more natural and simple way of living. I will seek to add more handmade and homemade and keep as much processed, toxic and unnecessary stuff out. I am reading books by Melissa K. Norris on how to transition to a “ from scratch life.”  I want our family to slow down and enjoy each day as the blessing it is. We will be trying for baby number 6 this coming year. My chances of experiencing another ectopic are a bit higher but I am in God’s hands and he will get me through. We are going to be really working hard on family rhythms like sabbath, family walks and date nights and my husband and I have set 2021 as our kill debt year so that will be a huge focus of ours as well.


I am changing up our homeschool to be more natural and fun. I am going to read up on the different styles of homeschooling and create my own approach. It is called eclectic homeschooling and I like it because it means I can take what I like from each and leave the rest. I am definitely going to do a lot of child led learning for history and science and focus on more hands-on activities and homemade skills like sewing, canning, gardening and more. We will work through a nature curriculum and Keepers of the Faith. I will add links down below if you want to check them out.


I struggle so much with balance. My family does NOT want to be plant based anymore so I am working on my mindset with that. I have spent so long thinking that meat and dairy cause cancer that it will take some time to ditch that way of thinking. As a family we will seek quality meat and dairy and make as much homemade and from scratch as possible. Personally I am focusing on ditching processed sugars and experimenting with making milk kefir, fire cider and fermented foods. I love cooking and will be doing a lot of it. I have recently come across einkorn flour and am loving it. I will link as yummy bread recipe below.


I am going to work really hard at creating the habit of blogging daily- creating content everyday so that I am able to post more consistently. I am going to share more of all that above and see where it takes me.

So.. that’s it. I have no doubt this journey will be humbling, vulnerable, crazy and fun filled with many ups and downs. I am looking forward to it!

How is 2021 going to change for you?

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