Easy and Healthy Recipes That The Whole Family Will LOVE!

I love to cook. I love to eat. I am, however, not a recipe developer. I just make up stuff as I go. Sometimes I take a recipe and completely change it to fit how we like to eat or by what we have in the house. Sometimes I will glance at a recipe for cooking or prep time and then completely do my own thing. Sometimes I do actually follow a recipe especially for baking. I am NOT a baker. But I am learning. I am slowly learning how to make more and more from scratch with the goal to ditch out on as much processed and store bought stuff as I can. Once you have had homemade mayo in your tuna sandwich- you won’t go back. Everything I share on my blog will either be something I made up on the fly for whatever meal.. or a recipe I tried and altered/loved. Sometimes I will “create” a recipe but it just takes so much time.. and then remembering that I am creating it.. that it just isn’t something I have a lot of time for in this season of life. Maybe someday! For the most part you will not find recipes tested over months or years- just food shared from my family to yours. I rounded up my top faves from the last month so you can see for yourself how easy and fun homecooking can be!

Let’s start with breakfast. For the last 7-ish years I have either been vegan or thought I couldn’t have dairy. As we have embarked on our new food journey I have been trying out different dairy products to see how they like- or don’t like- me. I have fallen in love with einkorn flour and these buttermilk pancakes are already a family fave with the benefit of not causing me any issues. I have made pancakes and waffles with this recipe and both were delicious.

Image from The Carefree Kitchen

Next up- the mayo that will change your life. Seriously- it will. It takes like no time to whip up and is so yummy!

A lunchtime fave of my seven year old is tomato soup. It is so easy to throw together and let simmer on the stove. Paired with grilled cheese it is the perfect cold weather lunch.

Image from Cookie & Kate

Once of the first things I made after transitioning from a vegan diet was slow cooker bbq chicken. Super simple and top it on a baked sweet potato with a side of roasted broccoli and you have a healthy and filling meal.

This next one is a version of one I totally made up on the fly but don’t have a “recipe” for yet. This is pretty close and I bet just as tasty. I used up an open bottle of bbq sauce, tomato paste and a squeeze of Dijon mustard with some garlic powder, onion powder and paprika for my version. I added a can of fire roasted tomatoes and a can of kidney beans to my beef and simmered with a little water until everything was cooked through and thick.

I have really become a fan of Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone. She is so inspiring. I am in the very infancy stages of learning what homesteading is and I am so intrigued and she makes it even more appealing. On her channel she threw together this recipe using ham and veggies and that is what I did. This was so yummy and every single person in my family had seconds.

Last up is a kid classic. You can get really creative with the base and use beef, lentils, mushrooms, vegan beef grounds and whatever veggies you have on hand. This leaves out the condensed soup which really isn’t the healthiest anyway and the finished meal makes for a comfort food coma!

So there you have it! Easy healthy meals that you can feel good about making and feel good after eating. My husband and I are such foodies and food is such a huge part of who we are as a couple and a family. I mean- who doesn’t love good food?

What are your favorite go to meals?

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